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Experts in the Business of Hospice and Palliative Care.

Areas of Practice


Hospice Strategic Planning

We can guide your organization through the entire strategic planning process, from the development of mission and vision statements to completing an operational plan. We have extensive experience working to build consensus for the planning process at all levels, from board members to management and staff.  Our strategic planning assistance has served many hospices, state associations and community based non-profit organizations over the years.

Palliative Care Startups and Contracting

Wondering where to start with establishing a new palliative care service in your community? Schramm Consulting can help with everything you need, from Medicare enrollment, to budgeting and staffing plans, to market analysis to help you plan your service design. 

Organizational Assessment & Executive Mentoring

Our team's decades of experience in managing and advising hospices gives us unique insight into the problems of hospice executives. We can work with your leadership team to help in re-organizing and team-building efforts to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your hospice. For investors acquiring new assets, we have helped evaluate existing management teams with constructive advice for managing hospice platforms going forward.

Hospice Investor Analysis and support

Because of our deep expertise in hospice reimbursement and regulation, we frequently advise investors, financial analysts and healthcare providers in other parts of the healthcare continuum on prospects for the hospice industry looking forward. Our analysis has been used to help investors understand hospice reimbursement and growth prospects and has also provided direction for future business development for new ownership.

Facility Planning and Right-Sizing

The changed environment for compliance oversight of general inpatient level care has had a chilling effect on the use of hospice facilities. Our clients rely on Schramm Consulting for frank and realistic advice about whether a market can sustain a hospice facility, and how best to utilize existing beds that struggle with low occupancy. Since 2017 our firm has conducted numerous “right sizing” studies of existing inpatient facilities, and provided consultation helping providers adjust staffing and bed capacity to new market realities while keeping in mind the prominence such facilities often have within local communities as tangible symbols of service.

Public Speaking and Workshops

Our associates are nationally recognized speakers and writers on post-acute care and hospice services. Our real-world experience makes us comfortable with two-way education and lively discussion. Contact us for information on how we can provide dynamic, engaging and interactive content for your next symposium, conference or workshop.

Market Analysis & Operational Planning

Our analysis skills include hospice and palliative market analysis, feasibility analysis and facility right-sizing and planning. In addition to helping clients to identify market opportunities, we can facilitate internal operational planning processes. We can help guide a plan that engages middle management and sets measurable goals for achievement with realistic timelines and reporting procedures.

Regulatory and CON Process Support

Our firm has unique expertise in state-level hospice regulations including Certificate of Need and hospice facility regulations.  We’ve helped clients through the process of CON approval for new facilities and new markets, and have also advised multiple state hospice associations on CON and other state regulations affecting hospice and palliative care. 

Palliative Care Pricing and Contracting

For palliative providers wondering what contracting opportunities they may have beyond billing Medicare Part B: the Schramm Consulting team has unique expertise in pricing and structuring community-based palliative care under per-member-per-month and fee-based contracts. Our team members have advised multiple providers on structuring effective partnerships with payer organizations.